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Student Resources: Learning Binders and Tubs

What are they?

What do I need?

If you are interested in my learning tubs and binders you can find the links to all of these below.

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Amazon Tubs: I use these for my students supply tubs where they hold all of their items. I personally love the way they look. I use the small version as they fit better in my shelves, however they do not fit all of my students physical manipulatives.

Small Tubs – These are the ones that I use in my classroom.

Medium Tubs – If you want to store more in the students learning tubs.

If you are going for a normal classroom look these would work well too. When they have a wider base they hold more and actually stay up.

Black Book Tubs

Clear Book Tubs

Rainbow Book Tubs

Inside the tubs

Inside my tub I use 1.5 inch binders to store all of my learning resources for my students. They are able to store their pencil pouch, and a multitude of my paper organizers. Depending on the amount of resources and items you want the students to store in their binder may vary the size you would want.

1 inch

1.5 inch

2 inch

Pencil Pouch

I have found that storing my students supplies in a pencil pouch has been the most successful and this can also be stored in their binders if they are 1.5 inches or bigger.

Black Pouch

Rainbow Pouch

Digital Printable Resources

To find digital resources to print out and fill your student learning binders head over to my TPT store at:

My favorite way to make these is to print them our on Astrobrights and put them in a sheet protector to provide your students with on hand available learning organization strategies.

Astrobrights Cardstock

Astrobrights Paper

Sheet Protectors

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